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Things to do near
Fort Richmond

  • Go on a day trip to the third most visited spot in South Africa: an extra-ordinary man-made hole – the largest in the world – dug to excavate diamonds in the historic town of Kimberley.

  • Take a glimpse into the past with a trip to historic war sites and museums in the region.

  • Speak with your host to arrange the animal encounter of your dreams: a ride on an elephant, a walk with lions or a view of the Big 5 from behind a camera.

  • Organize a fishing or diving excursion to the Aliwal Shoal near Durban.

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Hunt in the Eastern Cape (South Africa)
with Fort Richmond Safaris!

— Experince an amazing Hunting experience in a unique landscape consisting of various vegetation types in South Africa's Eastern Cape province, with 20 km of privately-owned, protected beachfront ...
— rare, sought-after trophies like Blue Duiker, Grysbuck (Cape) and Vaal Rhebuck ...
— high success rate on hunting Oribi, Blue Duiker, Cape Bushbuck, Caracal, Cape Grysbuck
and Bushpig ...
— highly-experienced dog handlers, which is crucial for hunting with hounds ...
— and retire every evening to comfortable lodgings with all the modern amenities, stunning views from the camp and warm, friendly service ...

Our Eastern Cape hunting concession is located along the Sunshine Coast, in the Kowie-Kariega Conservancy between the coastal towns of Kenton-on-Sea and Port Alfred, stretching north to Grahamstown. The conservancy is approximately 45 000 hectares in size, consisting of various vegetation types such as Thornveld, dense indigenous Bushveld and Coastal Grasslands.
The hunting concession includes 20km of privately owned, protected beachfront. Located between Port Elizabeth and East London, it is only a 2-hour drive from either airport.

The best hunting times are March through to October, we can accommodate you at any time of year. Our concession specialises in some of the most sought-after species in the Eastern Cape with a very high success rate on Oribi, Blue Duiker, Bushbuck (Cape), Caracal, Grysbuck (Cape) and Bushpig. Other species available are Vaal Rhebuck, Reedbuck (Mountain), Reedbuck (Common), Red Lechwe, Klipspringer. Other plains game species are also available upon request.

Hunting with Hounds

We have two dog packs that have been operating in the Kowie-Kariega Conservancy for the past 15 years with high success in controlling problem species such as Caracal and Jackal. With the help of the dog packs in controlling predators, the numbers of endangered species such as Oribi have increased greatly, with the conservancy boasting some of the highest numbers of this particular species in the Eastern Cape and even South Africa. The hounds are locally bred and consist of a mixture of Foxhound and Blue Tick, some even with Greyhound. Years of hunting practice has led to this combination of good noses and speed proving to be successful for the hunting of Caracal and Jackal.

Crucial to the successful running of a good pack are the dog handlers. The conservancy has two of the most experienced dog handlers, Maron and Tim. They have been dog handlers for many years, boasting 30 years combined experience. Both have successfully attained competency certificates and are qualified trackers. They ensure that the dogs are well looked-after and each dog’s individual progress is monitored. These packs have been effective in vermin control as well as trophy hunting, saving huge financial losses in game and livestock.

Hunting Blue Duiker from the Blind

There are various methods of hunting Blue Duiker, ranging from the use of dogs, walk and stalk and the ambush approach. Depending on whether you prefer the rush from the sound of dogs chasing after a Blue Duiker, or the sitting quietly in anticipation of a passing Blue Duiker, each person will have an experience of their preferred hunting method. If you are passionate about hunting with dogs then the driven hunt method is for you. If you prefer the sit and wait method (ambush approach), with the chance of getting a male Blue Duiker, then hunting from a blind is ideal.

We have had great success hunting Blue Duiker from the blind. However, this method requires great self-discipline in sitting for up to 3 hours per session (morning or evening) in silence, with minimal movement, to have a chance at a trophy Blue Duiker. Blue Duiker are extremely sensitive to sounds such as sniffing, clearing of the throat and any squeaks that may come from the blind and will not come into shooting range if another presence is detected. The ability to sit still and quietly is the key to the success of the hunt.

The Set-up

Certain areas with good Blue Duiker activity are selected, trail cameras are then set up to monitor movement patterns and trophy quality. Pop-up blinds are set up a week or two before the hunt starts. Blinds are usually set up anywhere from 15 yards to 25 yards from the trail.

The most important advantage to this hunting method is trophy selection. We are able to select older, more mature Blue Duiker and avoid shooting any young animals. This method provides the hunter with a choice of either a shot with a rifle or with a bow. Only one mature male or female is shot per spot per year, ensuring that the Blue Duiker in that area have good breeding time and the ability to grow. Areas are monitored carefully with the trail cameras and if there is any indication of a decline in Blue Duiker numbers in a particular area, that area will be left alone for a few years. Any rifle ranging from a .243 to a .375 with solids works well in hunting this small mammal. Shooting with solids ensures that little damage is done to the delicate skin of this beautiful antelope. Below are images of the set-up we use in hunting Blue Duiker as well as a few trail camera photos.

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Eastern Cape Trophy Price List

Daily Rates 2014:

1 Client with 1 Professional Hunter (1x1): $ 450
2 Clients with 1 Professional Hunter (2x1): $ 375
Observers: $ 180

The above rates include:

  • The full services of a Professional Hunter, tracker and skinner.

  • Pick-up and drop-off at Port Elizabeth airport.

  • All land transportation, vehicle and fuel (hunting vehicles).

  • Accommodation, meals and laundry.

  • Field preparation of trophies and transport to a local taxidermist.

  • All hunting licences.

The above rates DO NOT include:

  • Air fares, alcoholic beverages, gratuities.

  • Trophy fees.

  • Fees for packaging, dipping and shipping of trophies.

  • Taxidermy fees.

  • Hiring of any firearms and ammunition.





Bushpig (baited)


Bushpig (opportunistic)


Caracal with hounds


Caracal Hound pack/day 2 days max


Duiker Blue

$1 200

Duiker Blue Hound Pack/Day


Duiker – Common



$2 250

*Grysbuck – Cape

$1 500




$1 500

Kudu – East Cape

$1 500


$3 000


$2 700


$2 100

Reedbuck – Common

$1 500

Reedbuck – Mountain


Vaal Rhebuck

$1 500


$2 250



Wildebeest (Blue)

$1 200


$1 400

* Subject to permit availability

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